Symmetry Christian Lay Leadership Development Program

  Christian Lay Leadership Development Program
Learn How to Effectively Raise Up Leaders within Your Church

This Seminar Teaches You How to Start an Effective Lay Leadership Development Program at Your Church.

Strengthen your ministries by increasing the number of active lay leaders in your congregation. The Symmetry Lay Leadership Development Series gives you everything you need to get it going — training, materials, coaching, and consulting. Watch this short video. Symmetry guides you in implementing a dynamic program to raise up fully-devoted followers of Christ, and connect them with your ministry goals.

"All of us are called to lead in some area of our lives. Leadership development simply means growing into what God wants us to be."

The emerging church of the twenty-first century will be a church of trained lay leaders — working alongside their pastors to share the ministry load, serving Christ, and bringing passion to the work of His mission in the world.

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Jerry is an accomplished speaker, storyteller, motivational, and leadership development expert. As Symmetry's founder, his efforts are meant to help people achieve an extraordinary impact for Christ in the world.

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Symmetry Lay Leadership Development Series.
This video includes 'Student Stories' from Symmetry graduates, as well as 'Perspectives from Pastors.'
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These Lay Leaders Tell Their Stories:
Words from Class Members and Symmetry Group Leaders

Greg Geyer
N.W. Team Leader
Chevron Products Co.

"I've taken a lot of leadership training programs through the workplace, but this course blends proven principles with a biblically-sound, Christian focus. A very refreshing viewpoint ... and quite applicable in the world. I appreciated the emphasis on prayer, and greatly enjoyed the group interaction with my fellow class members."

The Lechners

Brian Lechner
Imports Trade Mktg. & Sales Mgr.,
Beringer Blass Wine Estates

"The Leadership program sessions had clear objectives that made it very easy to focus my thinking and efforts."

"I liked the fact that we started with personal spiritual growth, where I found self-awareness and a way to frame my Christian beliefs and experience. Translating this into the larger context the church was a useful perspective on what it takes to lead within a community of faith."

"Exploring spiritual disciplines helped fill my spiritual 'toolbox' and provide a foundation for leading others in seeking Christ."

Katie Lechner
Director, Finance Planning & Dev.,
The Gap

"The class has encouraged me to think more broadly about my faith. I grew up in a church environment where you go to church on Sunday and are good to people during the week and that was the extent of the influence of faith during the week. In the leadership class, I began to find ways to bring my faith to my daily life sometimes in direct ways like talking about my faith and sometimes in more subtle ways like the way that I interact at work."

"Throughout my life, I have been constantly seeking to improve my leadership skills and only through reflection in this class and prayer did I realize that I have assess to the most profound leader to ever live. Jesus is the role model and there are powerful lessons to be learned."

Gwen Ross
Payroll Manager,

"I've found that interaction with the other people has been wonderful. There is so much to learn from each other and our different God given gifts — both of talent and experience! The diversity of view points and theories and personal history add a richness to the sessions that has been most valuable."

Laurie Blackiston
Technology Learning Manager,
Morrison & Foerster, LLP

"It's a unique experience to be working to use the tools we have learned in this class along with our own spiritual gifts to reach out to others and strengthen our Christian community."

"The class provides valuable information that's useful in all aspects of my life; work, church, and family."

Glenn Barley
Retired, Deputy Sheriff

"The leadership program has begun an awakening in me Ö expanding my outlook as a member of St. Matthew Lutheran. There are many avenues of service to the Lord, and this program certainly provides a positive direction. Meeting and knowing my " classmates " is, for me, the great bonus, as we are all part of the same journey and walking the same path."

Marilyn Tagliarini
Mechanical Engineer, Part-Time
Full-Time Mom
Member of Intermediate/High School Site Councils

"Symmetry teaches leadership qualities in respect to Jesus, something I had not specifically thought about before. Each week I was challenged to learn with the focus on Christ — developing my prayer skills, and creating a spiritual growth plan. I recognized that Jesus provides the perfect model for leadership, and as I strive to follow Him, Iím following the greatest leader of all time."

Carri Enger
Physical Therapist,
Walnut Creek Therapy Center

"The leadership class helped me develop my spiritual growth plan. Having an accountability partner has been a great way to share my goals, as well as my struggles, in following the plan. Confiding in someone has caused me to refocus when Iíve needed it."

"Learning about my spiritual gifts made me realize there are so many ways to serve the Lord in our community. Seeing my classmates leading by example — serving at church — inspired me to become more involved. In fact, I'm excited to co-lead a small group in the next month!"

Craig Cole
"I am a relatively new Christian. The leadership program provided an excellent framework for becoming more aware of the gifts that God has bestowed upon me and gave me inspiration to use those gifts for His glory."

"Four months after the last leadership meeting, I began leading my first small group at St. Matthew — "Science and the Bible" — and became a member of the St. Matthew leadership team, serving on our church council."

Craig Cole, S.E.
Degenkolb Engineers

Shannon Cashman
"Being involved in the Leadership program has been spiritually rewarding as both a participant, and as a returning group leader."

Class Participant
Deepening my personal walk with Christ and developing authentic friendships with fellow Christians is a true blessing.

Group Leader
"I would highly recommend this leadership development experience to anyone interested in growing in their faith journey — you and the people around you will be positively influenced. God calls us to action and to step outside our "comfort zones" as we are reminded in James 1:22, Do not merely listen to the word ... do what it says."

Shannon Cashman
Wife and Mom

Celest Siebert
"The Leadership class has changed how I view myself as a leader both at work and at church. I have been able to apply topics discussed in class to my day-to-day role at work. I have been challenged to develop my skills as a better and more effective leader, as well as growing deeper spiritually. Developing a spiritual growth plan was very helpful and has kept me focused on my priorities."

Celeste Siebert
Training Manager,
Prime Clinical Systems Inc.

Greg Tantum
"For much of my personal and professional life I found myself conflicted. There was no question about my faith, my love of God and Christ Jesus. Yet, all too often I would find myself mute, paralyzed, and compromising my love of God to fit into or worse, advance in the, 'real world'."

"The leadership class has cemented my belief that the key to success in the secular world lies in the foundation of God's Word, NOT the other way around. As a somewhat older member of the class, I celebrate the opportunity of the younger members to have this insight to realize in ALL CASES, it's HIS WORD which is 'BEST FOR BUSINESS'."

Greg Tantum
News Director,
KGO NewsTalk Radio, San Francisco

Cheryl Sigler
Class Participant
"My time was well spent. Not only did the program help me in my own personal spiritual growth, it also provided me with tools to help me help others grow. Participation allowed me to recognize my spiritual gifts and learn how I could put them to good use. I didnít feel pressure that I had to serve once the program concluded, but I gained the confidence I needed to offer my gifts in service to the Lord. Insights gained in the program have served me well in my personal and professional life."

Group Leader
"Iíve also appreciated the opportunity to help lead this year's class — filling in and leading the section on prayer."

Cheryl Sigler
Pacific Gas & Electric, San Francisco

Wayne Ward
Class Participant — Online Lesson
1. "The online lesson intro was very accurate and thought provoking. With all the communication tools of this world, we still fail to stay connected with the most important things; like our spiritual life and connection to God. This especially hits home with me, because I work in the wireless Industry, and have a laptop with wired and wireless access, a Blackberry PDA for email/calendar, a wireless phone, etc."

2. "I thought the overall length of the online lesson was right. Reading it, even thoughtfully and slowly, did not require a lot of time. Reflecting on the material and understanding the message was not that difficult. Personally, I read it through twice, jotted some notes, slept on it, and put some thoughts into it this morning."

3. "I really related to the question, 'Do you really expect God to show up and talk to you?' Yes, and He has. Not literally as in visions, etc. But, when I pray, truly pray, out loud, outside, alone walking the trails, parks, etc., I DO feel His presence with me, in me and around me, and that feeling is awesome. If all of us could feel Him this way, we all would know that He is here, He is listening, and He can and will speak to you."

Wayne Ward,
Nextel, Reston, VA

Leslie Marquart
Vice President of Finance,
Charles Schwab

Class Participant
"This class had a significant impact on me. It enabled me to bridge my personal and professional life and help me understand how I can bring my faith into the workplace. I've taken a lot of leadership courses through work, and graduate school, but never studied leadership from a Christian point of view. Although it seems so obvious in hindsight, it was a huge epiphany for me to look to Jesus as the perfect leader to try to emulate."

Group Leader
"In assisting with the following year's class, I gained a deeper feeling of what it means to be a 'Christ-like' leader."

Dave Bremer
Social Studies Dept. Chair,
Las Lomas High School

"I found the spiritual growth component to be very rewarding. It helped sharpen my appreciation for why we are here in the first place.

The program added to my confidence level, and gave me greater focus on my spiritual gifts. The result is that I continue to serve in, and seek out opportunities to be involved in the church."

Scott Etzel
Emergency Prepardness & Response Leader,
Dow Chemical Company

Class Participant
"Participation in this Leadership Program prepared me for leadership roles far more than I could have ever anticipated. By focusing on my spiritual growth first, I felt more equipped to develop leadership core competencies and contribute those competencies in faith-based service."

"I completed the program invigorated, motivated and confident in my enhanced abilities to lead myself and others to productive and effective Christian service."

Group Leader
"Serving as a Group Leader really focused my thoughts, studies and energies toward giving others the same positive experience in personal growth that I received."

Sharon Morisey, RN, BS
Nurse Manager Medical Endoscopy,
John Muir Medical Center

Group Leader
"As always, when serving the Lord, I have gotten so much more out of our Leadership classes than I have given. As we planned the program, we were focused on the knowledge that "leaders" in the church must first be following Christ — making Christ the true leader — and us, His eyes, ears and hands in the church and in the world. With each group, it has been a privilege and joy to watch the 'ah-ha' moments and the spiritual growth of each person. Sharing their thoughts and insights has been food and water for my spiritual growth, and I learn something new or gain a new insight into my relationship with God every time we meet."

Ed Jerome
Project Manager,
Nexant, Inc.

Class Participant
"The leadership class brought me back to a daily focus on Christ. It helped me to refocus on Christ's love and his purpose for me. Through this course, I became better prepared to serve in His name through many studies focusing on my own spiritual path and common sense techniques for leading and motivating others. The course had a positive impact on all aspects of my life."

Group Leader
"I felt called to answer the invitation to co-lead, just as I felt the original invitation to be a leadership student was in God's plan for me. Through prayerful preparation and delivery, I felt God's guidance and comfort."

John Dodd
Bonne Bridges, San Francisco

"My experience with our leadership class has been very positive. The first part focused on learning how to lead yourself. That process enabled me to explore the roots of my faith, and to make my faith more meaningful. Being able to share my thoughts with the others in the class in a positive and non-judgmental environment made the process not only rewarding, but enjoyable, as well. After exploring our own faith, we were given assistance in deciding how our own individual talents can be used to help others. Iíve already seen the positive affects of applying the leadership principles in my home life, my work life and my community life."

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