How Can Physiotherapists Improve the Wellbeing of Office Workers?

When you think of people who regularly visit a physiotherapist, you probably think of really active people who are part of sports teams, who run marathons, or who go to the gym every day. It's true that physiotherapists can help people who are very active and place unusual stresses on their bodies, but they can be just as helpful for people who are sedentary.

Working in an office is a modern phenomenon that has really only taken hold since the 1960s. The human body simply isn't designed to sit in an office chair for hours at a time, five days a week. But physiotherapy can help office workers feel better in the following ways.

Shoulder massage. If you sit at a desk for long periods of time, you might notice that you hold a lot of tension in your shoulders. This is because desks, office chairs, and computer screens are designed with your health in mind. And so you find yourself hunched over with the muscles in your shoulders tensing up. A professional massage from a physiotherapist will release that tension, and they can also teach their clients some movements that release shoulder tension. Some forward thinking employers might even hire physiotherapists to visit their office and offer shoulder massages.

Strength training. Your muscles need to be strong in order to support you, particularly when you are sitting in the same position all day long. For this reason, strength training can also form part of your relationship with a physiotherapist. The postural problems that come with leaning over a desk can also be rectified if you work on your core strength. When the back muscles become stronger, they will pull the shoulders back and make sure that you have a more upright posture throughout the working day.  

Inspire changes in your working lifestyle. A physiotherapist can also give you advice about changes you can make to your office lifestyle in order to improve your health and wellbeing at your desk. These could be things as simple as setting an alarm to walk around the office every hour. A physio can also teach you exercises you can do while seated at your desk so that you can keep mobile even when you are sitting down. And they can also offer advice about sitting positions, screen angles, and desk height that can help you to maintain a good posture on the job. 

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